Dental Care: Our facility offers on-site, weekly dental care by a licensed dentist, with in-room visits.

Podiatry: We offer on-site podiatrist visits to our residents weekly, with in-room visits.

Services for the hearing impaired: Hearing aide testing, assistance and monitoring from our facility sub-contractor is offered to our residents on a weekly basis with in-room visits.

Recreational Activities: Social, intellectual and creative programming is essential in our nurturing environment. Upon admission a resident is interviewed to determine his or her interests, abilities and needs. A rich variety of group activities are offered including crafts, baking/cooking, exercise, current events, discussion groups, sing-along, gardening, and pet therapy. Special events include field trips to parks, malls, restaurants, etc. These programs are adapted to allow maximum participation by all residents.

While residents are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these programs, they are free to choose from the activities schedule, posted at various locations throughout the facility, according to their individual needs and interests.

During the year, Majestic Rehabilitation and Nursing Center hosts a number of social events, including group birthday parties and a dance-a-thon. Major family events include the Thanksgiving meal, Christmas dinner, and during the warm weather months, barbeques.